Enactus Edith Cowan University (ECU) presented our projects Be Safe and Net University at the Enactus Australia Nationals in July and was awarded a trophy for entering semi-finals.

The Enactus Australia National Competition is hosted in Sydney at the Sofitel Hotel once a year and showcases projects from Enactus groups around the country. The winner of the Nationals this year then has the opportunity to attend the World Cup, which will be hosted in Sayhozai, California.

The winner of the Nationals this year was the University of Melbourne, our friends at the University of WA entered the finals and the University of Sydney were runners up to the University of Melbourne.

Project Managers Racheal Tannahill and Bhavisha Gowtham and Research and Development Manager Ralph Carlos were the presenters from ECU this year, and President Stephanie Fyfe managed the presentation.

The Teams shared the wins and struggles of their projects over the last year with each other at the Enactus Nationals and developed their skills to collaborate towards success through networking-workshops and their presentations. In the presentations the teams were marked on how they conducted the thorough needs assessment of their projects with the target audience, improved livelihoods economically and socially, measured their direct and indirect project outcomes, and the degree of entrepreneurship of the projects.
Judges and attendees also offered advice to students during the Networking events, where students had the opportunity to talk to business professionals and entrepreneurs. John McMorrow, for instance, was a guest speaker of the event and judge of the presentation. He devotes his time as the Director of SBI and is a Consultant and Mentor in various other programs.
“The performance was better than last year. what I’ve noticed is all the presentations all cut down to two or three (projects) which is really good”, said John McMorrow.

“Just keep plugging away. Got a carrot? Where is the carrot? San Hose!”
Congratulations to the University of Melbourne on a well-deserved win! You can support the team to get to San Hose here on their go-fund-me page.
The enactus ECU team posing for a sill photo together.