We live in an ever-changing world with ever-changing technologies, and for Australia’s senior citizens, it can be difficult to keep up with new devices, new forms of communication, and all the new issues to go with it.

This inspired us to begin our project, ‘Net University’ in 2013. We offer a variety of modules that demonstrate to seniors how to effectively use tablets and phones in their day-to-day lives. Net University classes are run by trained Enactus ECU members, who are accompanied by local school students, to provide a comfortable and personal learning experience. Each participant receives a manual, outlining all of the information that we cover during classes, so they can follow along, and recap what they’ve learnt at home.

This project is a rewarding opportunity for us to bring together high school students, university students and seniors, thereby creating a significant social aspect, and bridging the gap between generations.

We are currently running the following modules:

  • Basic iPhone
  • Basic iPad
  • Basic Android
  • Cyber Security
  • iCommunications

If you are interested in having Net University classes in your Retirement Village or Community Centre please contact us at ecuenactus@gmail.com

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