Path to Net Zero Climate Lunch

Path to Net Zero Climate Lunch-1

Enactus ECU Faculty Advisor Dr Judy Lundy was privileged to attend an inspiring and hopeful event on May 6 at which Enactus ECU Business Advisory Board (BAB) member and Director of PRME and Sustainability at the School of Business and Law, Dr Mehran Nejati, moderated an industry panel at the Path to Net Zero climate lunch … Read more

Enactus ECU Leadership Elected

Enactus ECU Leadership Elected - August 2020

On Monday 17 August, 2020 Enactus ECU elected Edith Cowan University Lahini Perera as President and Raquel Ribeiro Louro as HR Manager Both are students at the School of Business and Law.   We wish Lahini and Raquel all the best for the forthcoming year and look forward to working with them in building the team and developing new projects in line with the UNs Sustainable Development … Read more