The Waste Not project was introduced in 2015 by Enactus ECU. This project is funded by CHEP, in association with The Brambles Challenge to address the global issue on food waste. This project focuses mainly on the food service industry with a small team of passionate and active members conducting waste audits to address issues around food waste. Working together with the local cafes and restaurants to find solutions to reduce and manage waste we develop food management strategies that cater to each of their individual needs.

We believe that every café and restaurant is unique and that they need strategies convenient to them. We are supported by the City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo in addressing the issues of waste management.

Through this project we work towards three of the seventeen United Nation Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Zero Hunger: Liaise with local charities and cafes and restaurant to distribute food for the homeless.
  • Responsible consumption and production: Promote and implement responsible consumption of ingredients and food.
  • Climate action: Promote waste sorting and reduce carbon footprint through food waste reduction.

Waste Not received the prestigious award Graham Kraehe Community Project for the Brambles Food Waste Challenge 2016. Together with the local community, Waste Not aspires to grow and bring positive social, financial and environmental impacts in the community.

“Think globally, act locally”