Visit to City of Joondalup

Following a successful on-campus event, Developing your Social Entrepreneurship Mindset, on campus on Tuesday 22 September 2020 the team were invited by the City of Joondalup to come and meet with project officers to discuss potential projects which could be done in partnership to achieve positive social and/or environmental outcomes for the community within the City.

Enactus ECU Members

At that visit a number of City officers including; Lynley Stapleton, Library Services Coordinator, Julie Forester and Claire Bartron, Senior Environmental Project Officer. Shared insights with the team about a range of social and environmental projects the City is currently undertaking or keen to undertake in collaboration with community members and other stakeholders.

Following the meeting, Enactus team members gathered on the shores of Lake Joondalup and under the guidance of BAB members, Fiza Ismail and Susie Staton brainstormed ideas for future projects.